Lenthen your spine in sitting


Find a firm chair, preferably without arm rests. Sit with both feet in contact with the floor. Notice if your weight is even under both sit bones. Start the movement as if you are slumping. Your back will round and your shoulders will roll forward. Don’t worry, you are not practicing bad posture, instead you are awakening the joints to be able to feel your posture better so you can make the more efficient choices. Next, by pressing into the floor with both feet, lengthen your back as if you wanted to see over someone in front of you. Be sure that you are not holding your breath or straining. Now, repeat this exercise a 5-6 times. Come back to this exercise several times a day to allow your body to learn new postural habits. The posture in the lengthened position will get easier to sustain, and your joints and muscles will be better equipped to support this posture by doing this regular tune up exercise.