Sit to Stand

Please take the time to watch this video which follows the “Bow and Buckle” approach to good lower body biomechanics.

“Maintaining the position of the knee and actually driving the thigh bone up into the pelvis is one key piece to satisfying the criteria of not surpassing your body weight. 

This very small clip shows two ways this movement can be performed. 

Watch closely. In the first two 'sit to stands' Anna Lisa demonstrates her thigh bones traveling forward in space which causes her body weight to fall into the ground and essentially her nervous system has to keep her from falling forward. The movement is slower, less efficient and her musculature has to catch her from falling forward. 

The 2nd two 'sit to stands' you'll see that she maintains the position of her knee in space and actually drives her thigh bones into her pelvis and hip joints. This causes her body to unfold under her and her spine to lengthen - allowing her body weight to be lifted up from the ground resulting in a more efficient, lighter and supported movement.” - Irene Gutteridge.