Pain Management Tools

One of the problems with a recurrence in chronic pain is that the triggers can be elusive and caused by so many life style influences. One way to calm pain or interfere with pain intensifying is to relax your nervous system (N.S.). There are many approaches for calming the N.S., but here is a very practical one. 

Once you have done this 8 minute mini Feldenkrais®lesson, you can use it anywhere or time. Just imagining the movement sequences has huge benefits and allows you to experience relaxation while in action.

To make a bell hand, close your hand slowly, moving all five fingers at the same time. (Called the bell hand because you are creating a pattern as if you are closing your dominant hand around a small bell). The idea is not to open it from the fingers, but from the spot in your palm that you are closing around. Understand that your N.S. recognizes and responds to patterns of movement, and a small pattern done elsewhere becomes generalized, allowing for a more optimally distributed effort in your whole body.

Enjoy, and email us with any questions.