Medicare patients please read...

Working Together in Challenging Times

April 1, 2013 we will be seeing new cuts to Medicare for physical therapy. 

Dating back to last year, APTA has provided crucial information about these upcoming cuts in all-member e-mails, News Now articles, social media messages, and via the homepage. Still, we know that some physical therapists are unaware of what's ahead.

That's why we are urging you to share this information with your friends, which can be as simple as forwarding the link to this blog post.

These cuts will impact physical therapists financially and may affect the access to care our patients receive. Additionally, as health care providers continue to bear the brunt of payment reductions, there is also an emotional toll to these changes, and it's important that we support one another in these challenging times.

We’ve talked with many physical therapists from across the country, and we know that these challenges are real. We see and feel it in our own practice as we work as a management team to continue to provide the patient care needed by so many with resources that continue to shrink. It is becoming more and more evident that from a financial and reimbursement aspect we are facing a "new normal" that is often hard to understand.

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