Learning and Play

Play turns on the brain

We now have many technical tools that show brain activity and ways to foster new connections with learning. Through these tools we have been able to study such things likePlay. Play has shown we can help wire new neural pathways. Enjoy this blog from Michael Sigman on Play.

“Beginner's mind -- that state in which one experiences each moment for just what it is, unmediated by storylines, habits, or judgments -- has been on my non-beginner's mind since returning from a recent vacation at the charming coastal town of Cambria, Calif. I'm not by nature a nature guy; give me air conditioning and room service any day. But when my significant other and I lucked into the spectacle of dozens of momma elephant seals -- exhausted from giving birth and lolling on the beach in various stages of repose
I was transfixed...
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