The Power of Awareness

In today's health care environment, providers are stretched to the max. Rising business costs, lower insurance reimbursements, and burgeoning documentation requirements take their toll on even the best-run practice. In addition to the challenges of running a business, PTs often have to find creative ways to provide patients with high-quality care despite fewer office visits and shorter treatment plans. They need to help patients get better sooner and faster than ever before.

While modern therapies and advanced technology can accelerate patient recovery, they alone are not a panacea. Much of the responsibility for recovery rests with the patient. As health educators, PTs can draw on the latest research about patient compliance and adherence to facilitate and maintain behavior changes that promote recovery. In other words, PTs can help their patients become better patients, and more active participants in their own treatment, through heightening their awareness via therapeutic exercise strategies, relevant informational resources, or the right products.

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