Are you a Blue Cross Member?

Are you a Blue Cross Member?

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Physical therapists and many other health care providers are challenged these days to provide good quality health care and be reimbursed by insurance companies for delivery of this care. That being said, there is a new all time low that is happening in the insurance business that you should know about. 

According to last month’s issue of the Business Journal:

Anthem Blue Cross patients may find it harder to find physical, speech and occupational therapists willing to treat them, and they may have to reach deeper into their pockets to pay for those who will care for them. The situation comes as a result of the WellPoint Inc.-owned insurer’s move to lower its reimbursement rates to a flat fee of $75 a visit.

The CPTA, (the professional organization for physical therapists) has been attempting to meet and discuss with Well Point on how these severe limitations will effect Blue Cross patients. According to the CPTA: the $75 per visit is for all treatments regardless of the intensity of care provided.

A well written newsletter from Coast Physical Therapy reads:

“For some reason (and I think we all know what is) Blue Cross of California has decided to cut their reimbursement for Physical Therapy by a staggering 37% on March 1st. There are also several other smaller insurance companies that "hire" Blue Cross to handle their ancillary services, like Physical Therapy. So those insurance companies will also be reducing the reimbursement the same. Although that may seem like the "normal" type of cutbacks we are receiving due to the economic downturn, let me be the one to tell you that the insurance companies are NOT facing the same economic downturn. While many industries (at least the ones that aren't receiving government bailouts) are suffering right now...the insurance companies are NOT. And if they are, it is not due to the current economic state. ...Every year, my monthly health insurance premium for myself, my family, and my staff goes up between 10-18% or more AND they remove many of the benefits. So I have to wonder...what the...??Anyway, my friends and loyal patients, that is why so many Physical Therapy offices are now re-considering whether we can remain providers. The problem is....the good, quality businesses are the ones that will have a problem. These are the places that employ highly qualified and competent Therapists; who pay their staff what they should; who do NOT run a mill; and who continue to educate themselves through con-ed courses, higher education,etc. The others will continue to provide sub-standard care, treat 3,4,5 patients each hour,and hire employees that are willing to provide this type of service (or disservice).” 
So please let your voice be heard, this will effect you and your family. 

We encourage you to contact Blue Cross and the Department of Managed Health Care to protest this administrative change.

Blue Cross:  Kathleen Brozee  

Senior Network Provider Manager
Anthem Blue Cross 21555 Oxnard Street, 8B 
Woodland Hills, CA 97367

Email the Department of Managed Health Care

Click here for a more in depth understanding of the latest Blue Cross changes.
And here is a letter if you choose to send it via regular mail.

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Century City Physical Therapy, Inc.