The first appointment includes a thorough evaluation by a licensed physical therapist who then designs a unique treatment program. This may include an exercise program, hands-on therapy and educational information to help prevent future problems. Keep in mind that the therapist may apply modalities such as ice/hot packs or electrical stimulation for an extra 15-20 minutes. The entire treatment may last approximately one hour.

If you have any other questions, please call us at 310-553-2519, or you can reach us by email to let us know how we can assist you.

Please download the appropriate forms to bring with you on your first appointment. Our forms are also available for you in our office. 


Please dress comfortably keeping in mind that the therapist may need to access body parts associated with the injury and may have you perform light exercises. For example, if your knee or ankle is the area to be treated, you may want to bring shorts. Bring comfortable shoes to walk in.  We can also provide these for you.


There are two hours free street parking located on Spaulding Avenue one block east of Century Park East next to Beverly Hills High School. Century City Physical Therapy is located on the corner of Century Park East and Olympic Blvd., with the entrance to an underground paid parking lot on Century Park East.

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Paperwork & Forms



If you are planning for CCPT to bill your insurance you will need to bring in your insurance card and your current doctor’s prescription at the time of your appointment.  CCPT can bill your insurance company as a courtesy. Additionally, if you provide CCPT with your the necessary insurance information prior to your appointment time, CCPT may be able to call your insurance company to receive an estimate of benefits to assist you in understanding your insurance coverage. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE AND MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGES BY YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY. 

Please arrive a few minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment time so that you can fill out the necessary paperwork. You may also access our forms and fill them out prior to your appointment.                       

If your insurance is Medicare, the Medicare reimbursement program requires you to be seen by your Doctor every 60 days if you want CCPT to bill Medicare for your treatment. Please look over all the forms under Medicare to understand these requirements. 

Cash Pay

We offer services of wellness and fitness that fall under a cash pay category. Please sign our patient  forms listed in the private insurance  category below to understand CCPT's policies. 


All forms are available in the office but you may want to have time to read them over in advance. 

Private Insurance  //  5 forms 
Read about insurance policies in the state of California

  1. Introduction to CCPT

  2. Financial Policy

  3. Patient Registration Data

  4. Patient Health Questionnaire

  5. HIPAA Form

Medicare Insurance  //  7 forms

  1. Medicare Financial Agreement

  2. Medicare Regulations

  3. Introduction to CCPT

  4. Patient Registration Data

  5. Prescription info sheet

  6. Patient Health Questionnaire

  7. HIPAA Form

Workers Compensation  //  5 forms

  1. Introduction to CCPT

  2. Financial Policy

  3. Patient Registration Data

  4. Patient Health Questionnaire

  5. HIPAA Form


CCPT is unable to treat you without a signed agreement to protect your rights to privacy. Please read over, print and sign the HIPPA document. All documents are also available in our office. Please click here to copy for your records.

There is a new law in California that states patients can be seen without a doctor referral with some conditions, called direct access.  Please contact us to see if you are eligible.

Thank you for your trust and support in CCPT. We look forward to working with you, your family and friends.






In 2013 the CA-1968 Revised Bill was passed that allows a person to go to a Physical Therapist directly, without an immediate physician referral. There are provisions that you will want to know.

If you are coming to CCPT without a Doctor's Rx, PLEASE READ AND SIGN THIS FORM.