Want to walk easier in high heels?

High Heel Workshop Coming in August...

STACY BARROWS, physical therapist, Pilates and Feldenkrais® movement teacher and KIM BLANK, dance teacher and choreographer will help you wear high heels with more comfort and grace. Combining their skills, they will use movement sequences, dance, exercises and more to help you walk in your favorite shoes. Don’t miss this opportunity. 

In this 3 hour workshop you will experience:

  • More fluid and graceful stride
  • Increased stability in your ankles and feet
  • Walking with greater ease and comfort
  • Enhanced balance, stability and control while walking and standing
  • How to keep your feet and ankles strong and injury free
  • Improved dynamic posture
  • Reduced back, knee and heel pain attributable to high heel wearing
  • Increased confidence and style  

Come experience this for yourself at Century City Physical Therapy, from 11AM to 2 PM, $40 (does not include parking), call for reservations, space is limited.

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