Foam Rollers The Feldenkrais® Way: The SmartRoller®:


Foam rollers are now seen in almost any gym or therapy clinic. But do we know where foam rollers came from? Moshe Feldenkrais, a doctor of science, a judo master and pioneer in movement science was one of the first to use foam rollers as educational and therapeutic tools. Dr. Feldenkrais developed a method to create better learning conditions for human development, the Feldenkrais Method.

I was fortunate to discover foam rollers in the early years of my Feldenkrais® training and fell in love with them. I soon adopted them into my physical therapy practice and found that they assisted me in teaching people the many benefits of the Feldenkrais Method. For the last 7 years I have been working on a foam roller design to continue to assist people towards self care. While traditional foam rollers can be very helpful tools,they may not be right for everyone. Many people cannot tolerate their standard round shape, height and firmness. They can be too uncomfortable or even painful to lie on. As a balance training aid, a traditional round roller is very challenging -- often too unstable for many people to stand on. Even half round rollers, with one flat side and one round, are an incomplete solution; they restrict movement, they are not anatomically friendly, and in some positions, their hard corners pinch the skin.

The SMARTROLLER® is a patented design that solves these problems with its unique dual-curve design. The revolutionary new shape takes the advantages of traditional round and half round rollers to the next level, making a much more versatile tool for Relaxation and Relief, Fitness and Sports, mind-body disciplines like Pilates, Yoga and Feldenkrais® as well as Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Please be sure, as with any exercise equipment, you are cleared by your heath professional to use the SMARTROLLER®.

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